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Cheesman Family
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Charlie, Delsie, Mary, Tom, Ida, Delbert, John, Allie, Uncle Joe, Ettie Cheesman


Delbert Ray Cheesman (Dale) born 1888 Henry County Mo. and came to

Oklahoma in 1896. Dale died Dec. 10, 1973 in Cushing. Okla. 

Rachel Elvara Glenn (Allie) born 1887 Asley County, Ky.  Allie died April

15, 1959 in Cushing Okla.  Dale and Allie married Feb. 11, 1909.  

Delbert and Allie had 5 children  Listed below

1. Opal Paris (Burke) born 1912 married Charles Lee Burke.  they had 2      children Charles Leon Burke, Deloris Jeanne Burke (Ryan)
2. Ines Marie (Sandin) born 1914 Kellyville, Ok. married Evurete Newman then remarried Ralph Alvin Baxter in 1929.  they had 2 children Betty Lou Baxter (Galda), Patricia Marie Baxter (Snyder).
3. Clarence Woodrow born 1917,  Kellyville, Ok.  married Eva May Day.  They had 5 children.  David Richard, Joyce Ann, Janet Sue, Sandra Lee, Cathy Lynn Cheesman.
4.Jere D. 1918 died at birth
5.Cynthia D. 1923 died at birth. 

Dale and Allie were married until death. Dale died Dec. 10, 1973 Cushing, Ok.                         Allie died April 15, 1959 Cushing, Ok.  

Delbert Ray Cheesman is the son of John Andrew Cheesman born Jan. 29,                      1852 in ILL. They came to Oklahoma in 1908.  

John married Mary Elizabeth Frazell born 1854 in Franklin County OH. daughter                           of Joe Frazell or Frizell.  John and Mary are buried in Kellyville Ok. at the sunrise            Cemetery Creek county.

John and Mary had 6 children.  Listed Below

1.  Tom born Jan. 27,1873.
2.  Ettie (Wilkenson) born 1875. 
3.  Ida (Thomas) born Dec. 19, 1879. 
4.  Charlie born Aug. 12, 1883.
5.  Delbert Ray born Nov. 20, 1888
6.  Delcie Myrtle born 1897.

Rachel Elvara Glen (Allie) (Cheesman) is the daughter of John Glenn  born                         Feb. 10, 1860 Clay County Ky.  Died March 8, 1938 in Butler County, Hamilton                          OH.    Rachel's mother is Mallisa Jane Edwards born Nov. 30, 1862 and died                            Jan. 5, 1910 in Kellyville, Ok. 

John Andrew Cheesman is the son of Willam Cheesman & Susan Elam (Cheesman) They we married in Fayette County ILL Aug. 5th 1849.   William was a wagon maker.
William & Susan's Children:
      Nancilla    b. 1850 ILL.                                       
      John        b. Jan. 29th 1852 ILL.                                      
      Daniel O    b. 1855 ILL.                                      
      Mary A      b. 1858 ILL.                                       


William Cheesman b. Feb. 5, 1820 OH. - d. Jan. 13 1904 Henry County Mo.           Shawnee Township,  Swindell Cemetery.
Susan Elam (Cheesman) b. Aug. 15, 1832 ILL. - d. Jan. 21 1911 Henry                     County Mo. Shawnee Township, Swindell Cemetery.