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William F. Webb
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William Fredrick Webb

William Fredrick Webb b. Sept. 8th 1842 in St. James, District of Clerkenwell, London England.  Married Olive Baker (Webb) February 13, 1873 Howard County Kansas.  William & Olive had children in Kansas but when the land run opened up in Oklahoma for free land they took  there family and moved to Oklahoma and settled near Glencoe, in Payne County.  On the 1890 census for Oklahoma Terr. It list the entire family.  It stated that they had been in Oklahoma for 2 mos.  On the 1900 census it shows Olive in Glencoe with the two youngest children.  Also the 1900 census shows William F. Webb living in Noble County Oklahoma with there son George.  William Immigrated to the US in 1863 and was naturalized in 1864.  The 1910 census shows, William later married Cynthia Strenen (the spelling may be differant, it was hard to make out) b. abt 1864 in Tn.  They married 1908 in Noble County they also lived in Noble County Ok.

William is the son of William Smith Webb & Maria Elvey.  William Smith Webb was baptized on December 1, 1812 at Westminster, St. James of the Fields, A district of London.  His father was Thomas Webb and his mother was Louisa?. 

Maria Elvey was baptized on June 13, 1813 at Stephney, St. Dunston, also a district of London.  Her father was Charles Elvey and her mother was Elizabeth (surname unknown in my records).
Of course, it was customary in England at this time to baptize the children at a very young age, usually within a few weeks or days of birth. 
In the Census Record for 1841, William Smith Webb and his wife Maria, both age 28, were shown still residing at 8 Northampton Building, St. James, Clerkenwell, where William Frederick Webb was born.  They were shown as having 3 children:
    Louisa                    age 4
    Thomas                  age 2
    William Frederick    b. Sept 8 (less than 1 yr old)
William and Maria Webb and their children are not to be found in the 1851 census for St. James, Clerkenwell.  According to the information in our family, William Frederick Webb did not run away from home and become a sailor until he was 12 years old, that would be in 1852 or 1853.  Trying to find the family in the census records for 1851 in some other district of London.
David Arthur Webb, told his children that before William Frederick Webb immigrated to America he went back to London to find his family.  After searching for them unsuccessfully he moved to America.  In the U.S. Census records of the late 1800's and early 1900's he reports that he landed in America in 1860. 

Descendants of William Fredrick Webb

Generation No. 1

1. William Fredrick1 Webb was born September 08, 1842 in London, England, and died April 08, 1924 in Perry Ok., Noble County. He married (1) Cynthia. She was born Abt. 1864 in Tn. He married (2) Olive Baker February 13, 1873 in Howard County, Kansas, daughter of David Baker and Rebecca Abell. She was born April 1851 in Wyoming, Lee County, IL..

Notes for William Fredrick Webb:

William Webb was born September 8, 1842 in London, England. He died April 8, 1924 and was buried in Oklahoma. He supposedly stowed away from England when he was 12 years old. He was a bank janitor.

More About William Fredrick Webb:

Burial: Grace Hill Cemetery

Census: 1875, Elk County Kansas

Immigration: 1863, From England to Us

Naturalization: 1864

Notes for Olive Baker:

In the 1900 Census Glencoe Township, Payne County, OK says Olive was age 49 born in 1851 birthplace Illinois and states Father born in Maine and Mother born in Canada.

Children of William Webb and Olive Baker are:

+ 2 i. George Frances2 Webb, born February 24, 1874 in Howard Kansas, Elk County; died April 25, 1935 in Noble County, Oklahoma.

3 ii. Edward E. Webb, born Abt. 1875 in Moline Kansas, Elk County.

Notes for Edward E. Webb:

went by the name Bert

More About Edward E. Webb:

Residence: 1920, Elk City, Ok. Beckham County

4 iii. William Frederick Webb, born July 30, 1877 in Moline Kansas; died January 21, 1951 in Tulsa Oklahoma. He married Bell Caldwell January 01, 1901 in Payne County ok; born 1886 in Kansas.

More About William Frederick Webb:

Burial: Grace Hill cemetery, Perry Oklahoma, Noble County

Census: 1920, Census in Noble county Oklahoma

Church: member of the Nazarene Church

Occupation: Friscoe Rail Road

Retirement: 1933, Friscoe Rail Road

5 iv. Marrah Lewey Webb, born 1879 in Moline Kansas. She married Harrison Verdon Kiger August 02, 1896 in Morrison.

6 v. Jessie Olive Webb, born January 27, 1881 in Moline Kansas; died March 03, 1963 in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA, USA. She married (1) Henry Francis Hoggatt; born January 03, 1866 in Sullivan, Moultrie, IL, USA; died May 11, 1925 in Pawnee, Pawnee, Oklahoma, USA. She married (2) Emmett Hargrove; born November 09, 1891 in Arkansas, US; died February 07, 1976 in Fresno,, CA, USA.

Notes for Jessie Olive Webb:

Olive Webb was born January 27, 1881 in Moline, KS. She died March 3, 1963 in Van Nuys, CA. Hazel Hoggatt said "Mom was born near Waterloo, IA and Dad was born near Olney, IL. Olive married Henry Francis Hoggatt in 1897/1900 in Oklahoma. They were divorced and she married Emmett Hargrove. They were also divorced.

Notes for Henry Francis Hoggatt:

Henry Hoggatt was born January 3, 1866 in Sullivan, IL. He died May 11, 1925 in Pawnee, OK. Gladys Hoggatt said "He came to the Oklahoma Territory from Illinois at the time of the opening of the Oklahoma Strip, just before the turn of the century. He was a laborer and moved houses and also did harvesting crops." His nickname was "Pat" and he lived in Perry, OK. Henry and Olive Hoggatt lived in Morrison, Noble, OK where all their children were born except for Hazel, who was born in Cleveland, Pawnee, OK and John, who was born in Perry, Noble, OK.

+ 7 vi. Alwilda Webb, born November 04, 1882 in Moline Kansas, Elk County; died September 21, 1971 in Cushing, Oklahoma.

8 vii. David Arthur Webb, born September 11, 1884 in Moline Kansas, Elk County; died September 21, 1971 in Logan County, Oklahoma. She married Tommie UNK; born January 17, 1891; died December 01, 1982.

Notes for David Arthur Webb:

Married for 60 years

More About David Arthur Webb:

Burial: Crescent Cem. Logan County, Oklahoma

Census: 1910, Roger Mills County Oklahoma Barx Township

Occupation: Farmer

9 viii. Lvorena Webb, born 1887 in Moline Kansas, Elk County. She married Berden.

Notes for Lvorena Webb:

Went by the name Lena

More About Lvorena Webb:

Residence: 1920, Melena Arkansas


Generation No. 2


2. George Frances2 Webb (William Fredrick1) was born February 24, 1874 in Howard Kansas, Elk County, and died April 25, 1935 in Noble County, Oklahoma. He married Jessie Ann Focht January 02, 1903 in Payne County ok, daughter of Adam Focht and Arthelia Fletcher. She was born August 09, 1882 in Gage County, NE, and died January 02, 1975 in Noble County, Oklahoma.

More About George Frances Webb:

Burial: Fairlawn Cemetery in Stillwater, Payne County, OK

Census: 1820, Payne County Ok

More About Jessie Ann Focht:

Burial: Fairlawn Cemetery in Stillwater, Payne County, OK


Children of George Webb and Jessie Focht are:

10 i. Irvin3 Webb, born 1906.

11 ii. Carl Webb, born 1907; died Unknown.

12 iii. Howard Webb, born 1910; died Unknown.

13 iv. Ralph Webb, born 1910.

14 v. Edna Webb, born 1915.

15 vi. Ida Webb, born 1916.

16 vii. George Frances Webb Jr., born March 22, 1918 in Payne County, Oklahoma; died November 04, 1990 in Tucson, AZ. He married Dorothy Tate June 18, 1939.

Notes for George Frances Webb Jr.:

Strode Funeral services, Payne County Ok. Provided the info for George Webb.

More About George Frances Webb Jr.:

Burial: St. Joseph's Hospital

7. Alwilda2 Webb (William Fredrick1) was born November 04, 1882 in Moline Kansas, Elk County, and died September 21, 1971 in Cushing, Oklahoma. She married Stephen A. Burk May 05, 1901 in Payne County, Oklahoma, son of ? Burk and Ida Kennedy. He was born March 16, 1879 in Marion, County Mo., and died January 23, 1953 in Cushing, Oklahoma.

Notes for Alwilda Webb:

Went by the name Allie webb born Alwilda Webb born Nov. 12th 1882 Moline, KS. USA. She moved to Oklahoma in 1900 on the Oklahoma land rush. they settled in Glencoe Ok. near Stillwater, OK. Allie Died Sept. 12th, 1945 in Cushing Ok. Buried in Fairlawn Cemetery. Allie Married Stephen A. Burk. Know as Douglas S.A. Burke. They had 8 children:









Allie worked very hard and was a loving mother. She died of Cancer. It was said they when she died she didnt have one grey hair and not one line in her face when she passed.

More About Alwilda Webb:

Burial: ,Fairlawn Cemetery Cushing Oklahoma

Notes for Stephen A. Burk:

Changed his name to Douglas Burke

More About Stephen A. Burk:

Burial: Zion Cemetery, Cushing Ok.


Children of Alwilda Webb and Stephen Burk are:

+ 17 i. Charles Lee3 Burke, born April 09, 1911 in Perry Oklahoma; died December 01, 1996 in Cushing Oklahoma.

+ 18 ii. Viola Burke, born January 15, 1902 in Clayton Township Oklahoma; died July 26, 1972.

19 iii. Elton Burke, born September 05, 1903 in Perkins Oklahoma; died February 05, 1987 in Washington. He married Mary Ethel Wilkinson April 15, 1939.

20 iv. Beulah Burke, born December 03, 1904 in Perkins Oklahoma; died November 27, 1970 in Cushing ok. She married Clarance Hammon; born Unknown; died Unknown in Cushing oklahoma.

More About Beulah Burke:

Burial: Fair Lawn Cem.

More About Clarance Hammon:

Burial: Fair Lawn Cem.

21 v. Elsie Burke, born September 19, 1908 in Perry Oklahoma; died October 13, 1985 in Cushing ok. She married (1) Paul Luce; born Unknown; died Unknown. She married (2) Bill Peet.

+ 22 vi. Howard Burke, born June 21, 1913 in Rich Hill Mo; died August 14, 1978 in Healdton, Oklahoma.

+ 23 vii. Myrtle Burke, born December 26, 1915 in Cushing ok; died March 06, 1984.

+ 24 viii. Bobby Burke, born January 24, 1920 in Cushing ok; died August 19, 1982.


Generation No. 3


17. Charles Lee3 Burke (Alwilda2 Webb, William Fredrick1) was born April 09, 1911 in Perry Oklahoma, and died December 01, 1996 in Cushing Oklahoma. He married Opal Paris Cheesman May 13, 1932 in Cushing Oklahoma Payne County, daughter of Delbert Cheesman and Rachel Glenn. She was born February 14, 1912 in Kellyville Oklahoma, and died March 20, 2001 in Cushing ok.

More About Charles Lee Burke:

Burial: Fairlawn Cenetery Cushing Oklahoma

More About Opal Paris Cheesman:

Burial: Fairlawn Cemetery


Children of Charles Burke and Opal Cheesman are:

+ 25 i. Charles Leon4 Burke, born September 25, 1935 in Cushing Oklahoma.

+ 26 ii. Deloris Jeanne Burke, born March 16, 1933.

18. Viola3 Burke (Alwilda2 Webb, William Fredrick1) was born January 15, 1902 in Clayton Township Oklahoma, and died July 26, 1972. She married Minor Warthen. He was born Unknown, and died Unknown.


Child of Viola Burke and Minor Warthen is:

27 i. Curtis4 Warthen, born Unknown.

22. Howard3 Burke (Alwilda2 Webb, William Fredrick1) was born June 21, 1913 in Rich Hill Mo, and died August 14, 1978 in Healdton, Oklahoma. He married Stella Burke, daughter of Henry Hamilton and Mary Unk. She was born May 04, 1916 in Arkansas, and died November 28, 1995 in Healdton, Oklahoma.


Child of Howard Burke and Stella Burke is:

28 i. Donald Lee4 Burke, born Unknown.

23. Myrtle3 Burke (Alwilda2 Webb, William Fredrick1) was born December 26, 1915 in Cushing ok, and died March 06, 1984. She married Ferman Smith. He was born Unknown, and died Unknown.


Child of Myrtle Burke and Ferman Smith is:

29 i. Marfa4 Smith, born Unknown.

24. Bobby3 Burke (Alwilda2 Webb, William Fredrick1) was born January 24, 1920 in Cushing ok, and died August 19, 1982. He married Ileene Pendegraff. She was born Unknown, and died Unknown.


Child of Bobby Burke and Ileene Pendegraff is:

30 i. Danny4 Burke, born Unknown.