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Charles Lee Burke
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Charles Lee Burke Birth April 9, 1911 Perry Ok. Death Dec. 1 1996.  Charles married Opal Paris Cheesman, May 12, 1932 in Cushing, Ok.  They had 2 children Charles Leon Burke, Deloris Jean Burke (Ryan).  Charles is the son of Stephen A Burke (Douglas) & Alisa Webb (Burke) (Allie).  Charles worked for the Citizen news paper in Cushing Ok. since he was a child delivering papers. Later he worked as a printer and type setter.   They could not get along with out him.  He went to Drumright every Thursday night and put out there weekly paper.  Charles found a large diamond setting that his boss has lost from his ring about three years before.  He found it in the back of the shop in a box of junk that had been pawed over many times and with a dead plum look he dropped it in the bosses hand and said "Mr. Lach, I think I've found something you'd like to have".  Lach was beside himself with joy and spent a whole column in the paper on Charles, then gave him fifty dollars.  Charles was a mighty prominent around Cushing.  Charles took the Army examination and passed, but his boss kept asking for his deferment and he never did have to go, although he came awfully close.  He received a book of army regulations and at the last minute instructions and then was deferred.  Later in the 70's Charles worked for the O.S.U. paper in Stillwater, Ok.  until he retired.  Charles was a loving husband and father.